How To Toilet Train Your Cat: An Illustrated Guide

<p> Aurora Wells/The Dodo </p>

Teaching your cat to worship the porcelain goddess is the ultimate party trick for cat owners who like their bathrooms to smell like roses. (Not to mention, kitty litter is expensive! And what is it, even?)

Aurora Wells/The Dodo

The training process just takes patience. And a briefly inconvenient bathroom situation. Catnip doesn't hurt either ...

1. Place the litter box next to the toilet. Then gradually elevate it - adding a book to the stack beneath it every day - until it's shouldering the toilet seat.

Consider adhering the litter box to a phone book with double-sided tape if you feel it might topple.

Aurora Wells/The Dodo

2. Move the litter box onto the toilet seat. (For kittens or new kitties, you can start at this step.)

Begin decreasing the amount of litter until it's nearly nil. Next comes the tricky part ...

3. Fashion a kitty training seat from wax paper or an aluminum pan, tape it underneath your toilet seat and add a scoop of litter and a sprinkling of catnip.

Be sure to adhere to the toilet seat itself - versus the porcelain brim - so it's less of a pain when you need to go! (If you ain't got time to D.I.Y., you can purchase a cat training seat here.) Clean frequently, and gradually reduce litter.

Aurora Wells/The Dodo

4. When your cat seems comfortable using the training seat, cut a small hole, no larger than 2" in diameter, in the center of the wax paper or aluminum pan.

Don't forget to start flushing for him!

Aurora Wells/The Dodo

5. Over the course of a few weeks, slowly increase the size of the cut-out. Pooping into water is a big leap - be patient with your cat, and reward him with a treat whenever you catch him in the act.

Eventually, you should be able to remove the training seat entirely.

Aurora Wells/The Dodo

... Et voilà!

P.S.: Toilet training isn't for all cats. Call it off if your kitty seems stressed. Litter's easy anyway!