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No One Sees This Little Boy Begin To Drown — Except His Pit Bull


Leala was just an ordinary family dog - but when her tiny human nearly drowned, she quickly became a hero.

The family was at a barbecue in New South Wales when 2-year-old Alexander Kenney fell into a dam, and no one was around to see it or help him back out - except for Leala. As soon as the pit bull realized what had happened, she rushed to find help.

Leala found Alexander's father, David Kenney, who quickly went to Alexander's side and began performing CPR. Alexander was taken to the hospital by helicopter, and doctors were pretty convinced that he was not going to make it, or that, if he did, would have brain damage.

Leala was drenched when she found Alexander's father, The Daily Mail reported, suggesting that she had tried to save Alexander herself before going off to find help.

Miraculously, Alexander has made a full recovery, and it's all thanks to Leala. Had the pup not found Alexander and acted as quickly as she did, Alexander might not be here today.

Alexander's family adopted Leala in 2008, according to his mom's Facebook page, and she has been a loyal companion ever since. By taking in Leala when she needed a home, the family essentially saved her - and now she has repaid the favor by saving Alexander.

Alexander's mom, Lisa Brockbank, made a tribute to Leala on Facebook, thanking her for saving his life. "We need to thank our precious dog Leala, she went in the dam and then found David to alert him," Lisa wrote in the post. "Without her we wouldn't have our little boy with us today, scotch fillets forever sweetheart."