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Today is World Lion Day! Celebrate by Taking Action!

<p> Greg Du Toit </p>

World Lion Day is a celebration held annually on August 10th. The goal of the day is to raise public awareness and support for lion conservation issues.

The lion is known as one of Africa's most iconic animals. Few people realize however that illegal killing, relentless habitat loss and over hunting of wild prey by people has left this species teetering precariously on the brink of extinction.
Lions have vanished from over 80 percent of their historic range and currently exist in 28 countries in Africa and one country in Asia (India). They are extinct in 26 countries. Only 7 countries: Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe are believed to each contain more than 1,000 lions.(Panthera -Lion)

In the last 75 years Africa's lion population has declined by 90%. These amazing creatures are victims of habitat loss and degradation as well as human conflict.

Today there are more lion statues and images than actual wild lions roaming across Africa. Without immediate action, we may one day live in a world where the only lions we know are statues and mascots.

Extinction is forever, so lets not allow it to happen to such an iconic incredible species. Please get involved, only a global effort will save wild Lions!

It wouldn't be right to celebrate World Lion Day without remembering Christian the Lion & his incredible story, Elsa the Lioness who changed the world and then of course there is Cecil!

Christian the Lion, Elsa the Lioness & Cecil the Lion

Finally, here are a couple of ideas for how you can get involved & roar for lions!

Take Action through National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative

Ace Bourke's blog ~ Ace was one of Christian the lion's owners before they returned him to the wild and his blog is full of info and links to take action for lions Sign and share these petitions:

Demand Justice for Cecil the Lion

Save African lions from extinction by listing them as an endangered species!

Save the White Lion

Ban the import of animal trophies into EU Member States

1 million to ban the lion trade

Ban Lion Trophy Imports to the U.S.

No More Canned Hunts!

Save Africa's wild lions and help prevent the suffering of captive lions in need.

No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat

For more information about the threats wild lions face and even more ways to get involved and to donate to lion conservation projects, check out these sites:

World Lion Day Official Facebook Page

Let Lions Live By Panthera

Lion Aid

Lion Guardians

Ewaso Lions

Global White Lion Protection Trust

Born Free Build a Boma

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