Man Bursts Into Tears When He Finds His Stolen Pit Bull

A few days more and this reunion, tragically, would never have happened.

It had been more than a year since Titan was stolen from the back of Barry Gearhart's truck in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Gearhart spent months canvassing neighborhoods and writing desperate pleas on social media. As he chronicles on his Facebook page, that city-wide effort turned up nothing. Until Sunday.

That's when Gearhart heard from a woman who thought she recognized the pilfered pit bull from pictures he posted on the Facebook page, Loxahatchee Lost and Found.

Titan had been at the local animal shelter since November. Just another abandoned dog who had washed up there. She was, according to Gearhart, a few days from being euthanized.

But when Gearhart arrived at Titan's kennel, it was as if there was no time lost between them.

When his owner says, "Hey boy," Titan leaps immediately to his feet.

"He turned up," Gearhart tells the camera, tears streaming from his eyes. "He's back. He's here."

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