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People Build Mice Their Very Own City On The Sidewalk

One of the most popular stores is The Nut Shoppe.

Everywhere people live, mice tend to live, too. Therefore, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to assume that mice would enjoy the same things that people do.

With this in mind, a conglomerate of artists - who call themselves Anonymouse - created a tiny, mouse-sized diorama, and installed it at a street corner in Malmö, Sweden.


"This was a project we created because it brought us joy," Anonymouse told The Dodo. "We like to work with our hands, and have fond memories of the movies of Don Bluth and Disney, and the books of Astrid Lindgren."

Everything was crafted with mice in mind.


What's the first place a mouse might want to visit? A nut shop, most likely. The miniature venue - "Noix de Vie" (French for "Nuts of life") - displays fancy platters of Brazil nuts, cashews and pistachios behind a teeny glass window.

Next door, a little Parisian-style café offers its mice patrons indoor and outdoor seating. Cheese and crackers are on the menu. The door even has a little sign to say that they accept major credit cards - mouse-sized, of course.

There's a miniscule bicycle, a free-standing flower pot and even Banksy-inspired street art. Tiny flyers advertise events and performances like "Night of the Were-Rat" and "Maus: The Exhibition."

At night, a teensy electricity box powers lamps inside the café and shop, giving the little town a welcoming glow.


"There is something quite charming with the idea that animals (not necessarily mice) live in a world parallel to ours, and that they use things we drop to create their own little houses and shops," Anonymouse said.

While Anonymouse said that mice don't permanently live there, a special visitor recently stopped by - an anonymous gray mouse.

Unfortunately, the café didn't seem to be open for business at the time, but the mouse didn't seem to mind. He peered through the glass door to check things out, and relaxed on the perfectly sized stoop.

Mice aren't the only animals who come to this part of town. Besides droves of people, dogs frequently visit as well, though they don't look particularly impressed.

Perhaps they're wondering why Anonymouse didn't make everything a little bit more dog-sized.