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Tiny Hamster Goes Head-To-Head Against Kobayashi In A Hot Dog Eating Contest

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It's no secret that hamsters are skilled when it comes to snacking on stuff, whether that's tiny burritos, tiny pizzas, or a ridiculous number of carrots. But the furry little rodent's epic eating abilities were recently put to the test in a hot dog eating contest against humanity's reigning champion of chowing down - competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi.

Kobayashi, who holds several world records for quickly eating large quantities of food, might have thought that a hungry hamster would be no match against him. He was wrong.

Of course, to make it a fair competition, the more diminutive contestant was provided with hot dogs more fitting of his smaller frame. But as YouTube channel HelloDenizen notes, they weren't really hot dogs at all:

"They were made out of grapes, dates, or carrots. The hamster ate whatever seemed to taste best to him!"

And it's a good thing; entire hot dogs wouldn't be considered a "safe" food to feed a hamster.

By the time the whistle sounded, Kobayashi's impressive 10 hot dogs consumed just wasn't enough to beat the hamster's 15.

But even after taking the victory, the little champion couldn't stop eating.

Check out the entire video from Hello Denizen: