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Tiny Dog Turns His Big Sister Into The Perfect Place To Nap

Best pillow ever.

Ralphie is a tiny French bulldog puppy with a LOT of personality.

He's very energetic and loves to explore everywhere he can ...

... as long as his best friend is always around to keep an eye on him.

Ralphie's big sister is much bigger than he is, and therefore acts as his personal protector. She's always around to make sure Ralphie is happy and safe.

The pair loves to cuddle together ...

... and of course play outside - as long as Ralphie doesn't wander too far away.

Since Ralphie is so small, he's always able to find the best sleeping spots on his sister ...

... and she's more than happy to let him nap on her. He just fits so perfectly.

Ralphie's big sister and best friend will always be there to watch over him, whether he likes it or not - but of course, usually, he does.

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