Tiny Dog Met A Giant Dog And They Became Best Friends

When it comes to making friends, it's the size of the heart that matters most.

Just ask this tiny Chihuahua, named Disney, and her much larger new amigo - Major, a Great Dane.

The oddly paired pups recently met for the first time to enjoy a day in the grass at home in Wales. A person passing by might have easily mistaken them for a pony and a rat - but, incredibly, they are indeed both dogs.

Still, despite their obvious differences, Disney and Major were quick to hit it off.

In fact, wee Disney appears to be the more assertive of the two.

The playdate paints the perfect picture of canine contrast. Disney, who's just 3 inches tall, is reported to be the smallest dog in Britain. Major, who's over 4 feet in height, is actually in the running to be named the world's tallest.

Here they are now enjoying a drink after their big/little romp.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, clearly. But, as this Chihuahua and Great Dane are proving, there's no difference too great to keep something beautiful from blossoming between even the unlikeliest pals. Disney's owner Natalie Vane agrees, telling BBC Wales News:

"It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship."