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Tiniest Rhino At The Orphanage Meets A New Friend Just His Size

After he was discovered totally alone in the South African wilderness and rescued by The Rhino Orphanage, little Kabelo was too small and vulnerable to be introduced to the slightly older orphans.

"White Rhinos are the most social out of the five species of rhino," a representative for The Rhino Orphanage told The Dodo back in October. "Young rhinos are very playful ... companionship and socialization are key components in their rehabilitation and they are grouped with other rhino calves of a similar age and size as soon as possible."

Facebook/The Rhino Orphanage

Facebook/The Rhino Orphanage

While Kabelo was starting to bond closely to his human caretaker, it was also important for him to form friendships with other four-legged animals so that he could learn to live in the wild.

Since he was too small to be with other rhinos, Kabelo's caretakers found a friendly someone more his size.

Enter a white and brown goat named Lydia.

"We recently introduced Kabelo to Lydia, one of our expert companion animals," the orphanage wrote on Facebook earlier this month. "As a lover of grass and animals bigger than her, Lydia was introduced to be Kabelo's new best friend until he is able to be put with another rhino his size."

But it wasn't love at first sight, according to the orphanage. The animals remained somewhat distant from each other initially. "But given some time they seem to be warming up to each other," the orphanage wrote.

Recently the odd couple was spotted grazing happily together during breakfast time.

"We hope that like a fine wine, their friendship will get better with age," the orphanage wrote.

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