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Tinder Helps Lonely Shelter Dogs Find Love

Tinder has been instrumental in helping countless people find love, but now dogs too are getting in on the act. A New York City animal shelter has turned to the popular matchmaking app to score forever homes for a few needy pups.

Working in partnership with Social Tees Animal Rescue, marketing interns from the creative agency BBH set up Tinder accounts for 10 homeless shelter dogs, posting their photos captioned with the word "abandoned". The potential pets' profiles also feature charming little bios, like this one:

"11 months old. Pit mix. Fetch fanatic. Adores snuggling up and falling asleep on the couch. Ready to go home with the luckiest animal lover in town."

Within a week, the animals received a whopping 2,700 matches. Afterwards, users are invited to go on a ‘date' with their canine match to see if they'd be a good fit.

"People strictly go to to Tinder to find love, go there to find relationships and companionship," said BBH intern Alexis Mood to Adweek. "These dogs have something to give."

So far, the clever campaign has helped at least one of the lovable dogs find a forever home.