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The Goat And Tiger Friendship Saga Just Got Even Stranger

First they were friends. Then they were foes. Now, a goat named after the most powerful woman in Germany is wearing a bad tiger outfit, for some reason.

Last November, the world was enchanted by the unlikely friendship that formed between Amur, a tiger in Russia's Far East Safari Park, and Timur, the goat intended to be his lunch. Alas, the two ended up having a violent falling out, but Timur may soon have a new partner in Merkel, a suspiciously stripe-covered nanny goat.


Earlier this month, park owner Dmirtriy Mezentsev announced a contest to find Timur a female companion and the goat named after German chancellor Angela Merkel soon became the frontrunner, The Independent reports.

One possible reason: The tiger print shawl Merkel was given to make her look like Timur's lost love. Another: The half ton of cheese owner Oleg Sirota has offered to sweeten the deal.


If the whole thing sounds like a weird publicity stunt by a Russian cheese farmer and a sketchy zoo owner, it's because it probably is, but Sirota insists he wants Timur to leave the park and live on his farm.

"I hope Timur ultimately comes here to live with us in cosy Moscow," said Sirota, according to The Independent. "There are no tigers, but there is a goat called Merkel."

Frankly, after all he's been through, Timur could do a lot worse.

Watch Sirota make his strange case below: