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Big Cat Spotted Roaming 5 Miles From Disneyland Paris [Updated]

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UPDATE - The New York Times reports that the animal is likely not a tiger, but rather a large wildcat. The cat is still evading authorities.

A big cat has been spotted strolling through populated areas near Paris, France, and is currently being sought after by authorities. First identified as a tiger, the animal was spotted by a woman in a supermarket some five miles away from Disneyland Paris in a parking lot in Montévrain, east of the capital, BBC reports.

The Municipality of Montévrain confirmed the sighting on their Facebook page, saying that analysis of its paw prints has confirmed that the cat is about a year and a half old and 150 to 170 pounds. The post says that witnesses described the animal as looking like a tiger, and that it did not escape from a circus that was recently in the area.

In an interview with local TV, Montévrain mayor Christian Robache told people to exercise caution with the tiger on the loose, adding that people should "avoid school exits and to not go out in parks that are close to the secured perimeter." A twitter user posted this, with the caption "There's a tiger loose in Paris. He walks around Disneyland."

A French journalist also tweeted a photo of what she claims is the tiger's footprint - though this has yet to be confirmed.

EuroDisney, owner of Disneyland Paris, said that they do not keep tigers and that the animal does not belong to them. Another wildlife park nearby Parc des Felins, said that all its animals are accounted for.

AP reports that some 60 firefighters and riot police are searching for the animal in the Seine-et-Marne district. A helicopter has also been enlisted for the chase.