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Tobie the Pot-Bellied Pig Celebrates His 11th Halloween

Dressed as WWI flying ace, Eddie Rickenbacon, Tobie Gentry's Halloween scene even includes his own biplane. Unfortunately, this proves that even when pigs CAN fly, they probably shouldn't, as in this case, he nose-dived right into a chicken coop.

In recent years, Tobie has dressed as a pirate, with a sinking ship and crew, a ringmaster with his own circus and a butcher with Big Tobie's Bucket O'Bones roadside foodstand.

Tobie is your typical teacup, micro-mini pig... weighing in at 185 pounds. Unlike so many miniature pigs who quickly blow right past their promised weight limit of 30 pounds and are ultimately surrendered to overflowing shelters and sanctuaries, Tobie found a family who knew exactly what they were getting into and were committed for life.

His family is passionate about teaching understandably enamored "I-SO-need-a-little-pig" people about the reality of bringing these extraordinarily intelligent creatures into their lives. Most people cannot endure the destruction of their homes by a bored pig or are commited enough to work through hierarchy struggles, temper tantrums, territorial issues, growth spurts for 3-5 years and proper socialization of a pet with superhero strength. A few photos of a pig-vandalized office or refrigerator contents spread throughout the house are usually enough to create second thoughts.

For those of you who DO hang in there and allow them to become a cherished member of the family, you'll agree, it's one of the most unique, enriching experiences of your life. Thank YOU for your commitment to these wonderful little (big) guys!