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21 Fearless Dogs Who Have Only 3 Legs

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1. "Yes, I know I'm beautiful."

2. "Watch out, Dog Park, here I come!"

3. "Can we stay and play longer? Please?"

4. "I'm all ears."

5. "I may be small, but I'm tough."

6. "It's okay to get some help sometimes."

7. "I'm lucky because I only have three cold paws!"

8. "I catch a ball better than any dog on the block."

9. "Every day is a great day for a walk with my humans."

10. "Did someone say treats?"

11. "Together, we have 6 legs, 2 tails and 4 perky ears."

12. "ALL dogs need a good scrub every once in a while."

13. "Did you say walk?! Are we going for a walk?"

14. "I got it! I got it!"

15. "Come chase me, Mom!"

16. "Oh hey there."

17. "Um ... can someone come give me a hand with these stairs?"

18. "Don't be jealous of my stylish bandana. I know I look good."

19. "I heard polka dots are in this season. And every season."

20. "This walk better be ending with a picnic."

21. Hey Human? Even though you only have two legs and no fur, I still love you."