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Puppy Who Lost His Leg Relies On Friends To Keep Him Safe

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His name is Nicolas:

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According to his owner, who posted these stunning images on Instagram, he was the runt of the litter - 500 grams of snuggle - when his mother inexplicably chewed off one of his legs.

Obviously, the mother-son connection had broken down in the most brutally bizarre fashion. (No, Nicolas' owner gave no reason why a mother would do that to her baby.)

So Nicolas was pulled from his mother at a very tender age, forced to start his journey in life with just three paws.

Luckily, the family who took him in had a soft spot for orphans.

It happened to be right here:

jandritoo / Instagram

And sometimes, over here:

jandritoo / Instagram

jandritoo / Instagram

Weaned on the tender kisses of cats - as well as his human mother - Nicolas grew up as sweet and gentle as his adopted family.

jandritoo/ Instagram

And although Nicolas never got to develop a bond with his crazy odd mother, he forged a new bond that would last a lifetime.

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His family also taught him one of a cat's most cardinal virtues.

Laziness is good.

jandritoo / Instagram

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