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Thousands Of Shelter Pets Find Homes In One Day Thanks To A Simple Idea

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More than 2,200 dogs and cats are now starting their lives as cherished family pets - all thanks to one simple idea.

On Saturday, 33 shelters in North Texas agreed to waive adoption fees for Empty the Shelter Day - and the response was nothing short of remarkable. At some shelters, eager animal-lovers lined up around the block to be paired with a new pet, resulting in nearly all the needy animals at several locations being adopted in a few short hours.

At final count, 2,217 dogs and cats were rescued.

[Humane Society of North Texas]

The adoption drive was first conceived by animal workers in the city of Irving and it quickly caught on. Shelters typically charge around $100 to people wanting to take home a pet, but waiving the fee for one day helped generated an interest in adoption that was well worth the lost revenue.

"I sent an email to 10 cities, and they all said yes. It spread by word of mouth and grew from there," says Irving Animal Services director Corey Price, to The Dallas Morning News. "It's crazy. All I did was send an email. It warms my heart that we had so many shelters that wanted to do this. This is about saving lives."

[Humane Society of North Texas]

Given the success of Empty the Shelters Day in North Texas, some folks are already calling for the adoption drive to be expanded nationwide.