These Cats Can Scratch! See Kitties Reacting To Turntables

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People love vinyl records. Left for dead during the '90s CD boom and the advent of mid-aughts streaming services, they've been enjoying an unlikely resurgence of late, with sales up 18% since 2011 (per the newspaper of record, The New York Times). But what about cats, man? How do they feel about spinning platters of prerecorded music?

They're a little curious ...

(YouTube: Gringo Gringo)

... and a lot confused.

(YouTube: Frau Schnarzberger)

But really, all they need is a simple tutorial to get started. And like the old adage goes ... give a cat a scratch (pad), you amuse them for a moment; teach a cat to scratch and they'll DJ for a lifetime.

(YouTube: T2pysto)

It's all the rage with the young ones these days!

(YouTube: Larsen161)

And mature cats find vinyl to be the ... tastiest ... of ways to hear music.

(YouTube: Funky Fresh Bro)

A few sit in judgement of wannabe DJ kitties.

(YouTube: Mignonist)

But most throw themselves into it with dizzying enthusiasm.

(YouTube: Trademark Gunderson)

But at the end of the day, it's all about the music, man.


Relevant to our interests: a supercut compilation of cats reacting to turntables. Press play to watch!

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(YouTube: Travis Greenwood)

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