This Lucky Little Orangutan Goes From Tied Up In A Concrete Cell To Freedom

<p>YouTube/Barcroft TV</p>

A young female orangutan was discovered by a farmer in Borneo, who thought she'd make a cute pet. Not knowing proper care for the animal, he kept her tied up and fed her tofu and rice. As Barcroft TV reports, this resulted in painful malnutrition. Orangutans normally eat mostly fruit - plus the occasional meal of flowers, honey, bark, leaves and insects.

Luckily, workers from International Animal Rescue got wind of the situation, and the farmer gladly surrendered the animal to their care. They led her out of her dismal enclosure ...

... and she took her first few steps toward freedom.

Now, she's being held in quarantine at the Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

She'll be waiting and gaining strength in quarantine for the next two months, but after that she'll head to the center's "orangutan baby school," a sanctuary meant to prepare orphaned or rescued orangutans for release into the wild.

Soon enough, she'll be doing a lot more of this:

See the entire video below:

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