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Man Sees Thirsty Possum Struggling In Heat, Steps In To Help

Australia's hot, dry summers can be hard on everyone, including the animals.

Ben Saunders recently saw a ringtail possum in Melbourne who was "really struggling" in the 104-degree heat, he wrote on Facebook. She was on the ground and had just enough energy to make it halfway up a tree, he said.

Saunders decided to help her out. He took out a water bottle and offered it to the possum - who eagerly grabbed it with her paw and took a long drink of water, as the video below shows.

According to Saunders, the possum seemed refreshed after the brief encounter. "She was fairly happy to get a big drink of water and is now happily back in the tree in her nest," he wrote.

While encounters between wildlife and humans should usually be avoided, there's something about the Australian heat that brings species together. Koalas have frequently turned to humansfor a drinkon the hottest days.

"It might only be a small ringtail possum but I hate to see any animal suffering," Saunders added. "Keep an eye out for any wildlife that might be suffering in this insane heat!"