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Koala Was Too Shy To Drink From A Bowl, So Woman Offered Him A Hose

It may be frigid in North America these days, but Australia's wild animals are struggling to cope with the scorching summer heat.

When one woman, Courtney, recently noticed a koala hanging around her property and sheltering in the shade of one of her trees, she put out a cool dish of water for him.

But the koala was a little too shy to come down from the tree branches. Courtney kept an eye on the parched koala, waiting for him to finally accept a drink.

Facebook/Animals Australia

Last week, she noticed he'd finally come down to a low branch, nearer to the water dish. Courtney decided to offer the koala a drink in the branched abode he was so hesitant to leave. She extended a hose - and success!

"He grabbed the hose, held onto it and drank from the end," she told Animals Australia.

Facebook/Animals Australia

Facebook/Animals Australia

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