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Awkward Stuff You Can Only Do In Front Of Your Pet

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There's no denying it: We all have weird habits and lazy things we do that we probably wouldn't want anyone else to witness - except, of course, our pets. They've seen us doing a lot of strange things as we prance around the house alone, but it's OK. They won't tell. Your secrets are safe with them.

Stay home ALL DAY.

Everyone is always asking what your weekend plans are. It's going to be beautiful outside, there's so much happening ... and you have no desire to go anywhere. Thankfully, your pet is 100 percent OK just following you around the house all day while you catch up on laundry or take an obscene amount of naps.

He hates when you leave anyway ... so why upset him? On Monday when people ask what you did, simply change the subject. Only your pet will know the truth.

Marathon bad TV on the couch and not be judged for it.

There's a lot of trashy TV on the air today - but sometimes it's just so entertaining! You pretend to scoff at it in public, and then as soon as you get home, you plant your butt on the couch and marathon the worst shows you can find. Your pet is more than happy to snuggle up with you while you laugh and make witty commentary. What a champ.

Wander around for hours without any real destination.

When you're with groups of friends, everyone wants to know where you're all going and what you're going to do when you get there. But sometimes, you just want to wander, for hours, with no real destination in mind. It might be hard to find someone to do this with you, but if you have an outdoor pet, he'll always be on board.

In fact, wandering is probably his favorite thing to do - besides being with you, of course.

Say all the things you've been holding back all day.

Sometimes, you just want to yell. Lots of frustrating things happen to you in a day, and you have to keep your cool regardless. But when you get home, your pet is always down to listen.

You can vent to them about what you SHOULD have said to the man who was rude to you on the subway. You'd probably never actually say that in public, but it's nice to be able to get it out to someone who won't judge you for it.

Fake sick.

There are days when you're not sick, exactly ... but you really, REALLY do not want to go to work. And so, you claim sick.

If work asks? You're sick. If friends ask? Yeah, you're not feeling great. If your parents ask? You're sick but they really don't need to panic - you promise. If your pet asks ... OK no, you're not sick. You just want to marathon Netflix all day long. "Sick" days where you stay home and cuddle are your pet's favorite days, anyway.

Sing and dance, despite your lack of skills.

Maybe you're not that great at singing or dancing, but your pet doesn't know that. Even if he does, he'll never say anything. You're too afraid to perform in front of your friends, but you know you can ALWAYS belt Top 40 songs in your kitchen as your pet dances around at your feet. Always.

Make faces and mouth commentary while you're on the phone.

When you're on the phone in public or around other people, you're all business. But when you're on the phone and your pet is the only other one around, eye rolling and mouthed annoyances abound. Especially if you're on hold. You become the snarkiest version of yourself when you're on hold, and you're pretty sure your pet throughly enjoys it.

Engage in guilty pleasures.

Everyone has them. Whether it's popping pimples or not wearing pants, we all have things we do that maybe other people might not appreciate so much. The great part about having a pet is that she probably has guilty pleasures too. Loads of them. Pets are the masters of doing weird things. Your pet will never stop you from engaging in guilty pleasures, because they're certainly not going to stop on account of you. Ever.


Sometimes, you just don't want to do anything at all. Society says we're supposed to be productive at all times, but your pet thinks it's totally OK to just sit around and pet them some days. He probably knows way more than society does, anyway.