These Little Wildcats Look Like Kittens For Their Whole Lives

Meet the Sand Cat: a small wild feline native to desert areas in North Africa, Arabia, Central Asia, and Pakistan. Sand cats are curious creatures, as they more closely resemble domestic house cats than they do other wild cats. In fact, sand cats don't seem to age notably at all in comparison to their offspring, giving them the appearance of lifelong kittens.

This isn't simply a case of zoological Benjamin Buttons, however. There are likely evolutionary reasons behind the cat's perpetually youthful appearance. The oversized ears on sand cats not only make them look very young, but are actually very important for this nocturnal desert-dweller. Sound does not tend to carry well across vast expanses of sand-covered terrain, so the enlarged ears aid the cat in detecting its prey – both above and below ground.

Sadly, these cute critters are classified as a near threatened species as they are captured for pet trade in some areas, or even hunted for sport.

Luckily, there is an abundance of rescue organizations dedicated to helping save these little guys.