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These Smacking Bunnies Fully Understand How Much You Love Watermelon

What on earth are these adorable bunnies chomping about?

(YouTube: elliotpennypacker)

Because one of the most delectable bunny treats around is watermelon (pretty sure rabbits and humans can both concur on that one), and these bunnies are fortunate enough to have a tasty dish of melon all to themselves.

Fruit is a lovely special treat for bunnies, though should only be used sparingly, as fresh fruit is high in sugar. But that's okay, because it turns fruit snacks into a special occasion!

(YouTube: elliotpennypacker)

Regardless, it's pretty clear that bunnies eating fruit = irresistibly adorable.

To get the full effect of the smacking and slurping little melon-eaters, you can watch the full afternoon treat below.

(YouTube: elliotpennypacker)

And if you needed any more proof that bunnies are the world's cutest munchers, don't worry - we've got you covered.

This bunny named Luna got so into devouring her raspberries that she ended up with some lovely raspberry lipstick at the end of her snacking-fest.

(YouTube: 929 The Bull TV)

... and Luna ended up enjoying berries so much that she expanded her palate and sampled a juicy blackberry, too!

(YouTube: Peter Parker)