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Before And After Photos Prove Being Loved Is Better Than Winning The Lottery

Chances are you won't win tonight's record-breaking Powerball, but you could still change another's life for the better in an instant.

For the millions of potential pets languishing as strays or cooped up in kennels at an animal shelter, it must feel better than winning the lottery to be adopted into a loving family. While that might not come as a financial windfall to their new owners, it's impossible to put a price on the cheery face of a dog or cat who's found their forever home - and here are a few happy stories to prove it:

"Our new family member, Hope!"

"My beautiful baby, in the shelter and almost 1 year later"

"Poor stinky Rufus fresh out of the shelter 4 years ago vs now"

"Courage at the shelter vs two days later, hanging out on our bed"

"The difference a month at home can make"

"Before and after of our little rescue dog, Jackson."

"Athena one week after adoption"

"Rescued her 2 months ago from an over crowded shelter. At first she was pitiful, now she's the lioness of the house."

"Rescued my baby from death row a year ago."

"Oatmeal, the day we adopted her and then one year later. She's our best little kitty friend"

"Before and after for our latest rescue."

"After few months..fully recovered!"

"After being passed over for 5 months Swade has a happy home!"

"They have come so far from being sick little kittens to lazy and playful adults"

"Cali was found tied to a fence. After two months in her new home she's looking happier."

"Rescued two months ago. Maggie has made great progress"

"My buddy Pootle; first, a few days after he came home from the shelter; and today, 3 months later"

"Tali on the first day we saw her, and one month later!"

To learn more about adopting a pet, visit your local animal shelter.