These People Are Wearing Sweaters Made From Their Dog's Shed Hair

There are many ways of showing your dog you care, like with a hearty belly rub or a scrap of food slipped to them covertly under the table. But some pet owners have taken that affection to a boldly fashionable extreme -- creating cozy sweaters made out of their beloved canine's shed hair.

Doumé Jalat Dehen operates a small France-based business, Dog Wool, transforming people's pets' sheddings into soft, knittable strands that can then be used to make clothing with.

"For your dog's well-being you should brush it regularly. However, do not discard it's undercoat! Keep it and after a few months, you will be to able to knit a hat, scarf or jacket," writes Dehen.

"A dog's undercoat is a comfortable material, soft and very warm. It may well compete with mohair and contrary to popular belief, it does not smell nasty."

Photographer Erwan Fichou recently caught up with several of Dehen's happy hair-donning customers -- proud pet owners who aren't afraid to show a dog's in their hearts by wearing it on their sleeve.