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11 Cats and Dogs Who Totally Don't Get Why Some People Hate Broccoli

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It looks like a little green tree. It's chock full of antioxidants. And these pets are crazy for it.

1. Mmm, broccoli. The best treat of all the treats.


2. Such delicate florets. So green. So delicious.


3. Hang on to that broccoli for dear life. Never. Let. It. Go.


4. Sharing isn't caring. Sharing is missing out on every perfect brocco-licious bite.


5. Hoard if you have to. It's your broccoli. Yours!


6. Investigate it first if you must.


7. But then stop at nothing to retrieve that sweet, sweet broccoli.


8. Go straight to the source if you can.


9. Smile! It's ALL yours.


10. Enjoy every last fiber-filled, flavorful bite.


11. And if you learn one thing, learn this. If you want it, go on and take it. Seize the day! Seize the broccoli!


Yes, broccoli is safe for cats and dogs to eat - just make sure it's in small quantities. As Dr. Chris Miller, a veterinarian at Atlas Vet in Washington, D.C., tells The Dodo, "Broccoli is often safely added to dogs' diets to increase fiber content and to help with increasing the volume of food while decreasing the overall calorie content."

As for felines? "Broccoli has not been known to cause problems in cats, but it may be troublesome to get them to eat it," Dr. Miller said. (Clearly, these cats disagree!)