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This Collection Of Puppy Yawns Proves Falling Asleep Is The Cutest Time Of Day

<p>Instagram: rarebirdsara</p>

Being a puppy is not as easy as everyone thinks.

(Instagram: luckysadiepup)

Sometimes you just get so sleepy!

(Instagram: insta_john)

Playing with toys is actually pretty exhausting.

(Instagram: claire.m.harvey)

And not everyone is a morning dog, you know.

(Instagram: graciejane54)

After a day full of pouncing, sometimes you need to recuperate.

(Instagram: emmathegreatdane)

Naptime is a puppy's best friend.

(Instagram: chickenwuss)

Especially if naptime involves a cozy blanket.

(Instagram: elliemaecatahoula)

Even when you're having so much fun, sometimes you just get so comfortable...

(Instagram: _emmalee)

... and so sleepy...

(Instagram: koufax_the_bulldog)

... that you just have to take a little power nap.

(Instagram: krernstein)

And nobody is allowed to wake you up!

(Instagram: dstygram)

Sleep is a very magical thing.

(Instagram: chloelefrenchie)

But once naptime is over, it's back to being the boss!

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