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Mastermind Of Cecil's Killing Arrested For Mistreating Animals ... Again

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A professional hunter who still has blood on his hands after the July death of Cecil the lion is in trouble with the law yet again.

Theo Bronkhorst, of Zimbabwe, who is already set to appear in court on September 28 for his role in Cecil's killing, was arrested for trying to smuggle 29 antelope into South Africa.

According to one report, by the time the three trucks carrying the animals were intercepted over the weekend, two of the animals had died.

Why anyone would be trying to illegally traffic these animals is unclear, but we do know that Bronkhorst is in custody in Bulawayo.

Back in July, Bronkhorst helped his client, Walter Palmer, find and kill Zimbabwe's beloved Cecil, allegedly helping to lure the lion out of a protected national park so that Palmer could shoot him with a bow and arrow.


While Bronkhorst will face the law for the Cecil case in September, Palmer remains safely back at his dental practice.