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Pets Who Are Dealing With The Vet The Very Best They Can: Part 2

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Recently The Dodo wrote about pets who are dealing with going to the vet, and asked you all to post your very best pets at vets photos. These #TheDodo pets have clearly mastered the art of going to the vet. Here are some favorites!

This guy just found out he's going to the vet, and he's a little ... shocked.

Some pets will try their very best "save me" faces ...

And others are just all snark.

This cat saw the dog on a wall and SWEARS this is totally a trap.

Some pets will hold their ground. Don't take ANOTHER STEP.

This cat has found a dead end ... and there might be no escape.

Some cats might try to join the witness protection program.

This cat is entirely unable to be reached.

And this guy is just going to take charge and take over.

Some cats figure there's safety in numbers.

This cat is the master of camouflage.

And this guy is definitely NOT volunteering as tribute.

This pup is desperately pleading with his human to save him ...

And this cat has the same idea.

Some pets figure it's best not to make any sudden movements.

And some might try to band together and escape, to no avail ...

And then there's this chicken, who is simply not amused at all.