There Will Be One More Orca Born At SeaWorld

When SeaWorld announced Thursday that it would no longer breed orcas, the general consensus among animal lovers everywhere was that this marked an enormous win against marine mammal captivity.

Takara during her 24th birthday at SeaWorld. | Facebook/SeaWorld

Less discussed, however, was another piece of news embedded in SeaWorld's announcement: Takara, a 24-year-old orca at SeaWorld San Antonio, is pregnant.

Takara performing at SeaWorld. | Facebook/SeaWorld

While the end of the breeding program is certainly cause for celebration, some point out that we must remember the company is still trying to save face from the "Blackfish" effect. Up until very recently, SeaWorld has fought to keep doing what they've been doing, despite plummeting attendance and public outcry.

This is a PR video SeaWorld made about Takara on her 24th birthday last year:

This latest PR move to end the breeding program doesn't change fate for Takara's baby who will likely be the last to join SeaWorld's last generation of captive orcas.

Watch a video about the youngest orcas still at SeaWorld below: