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Massage: It's Not Just For Pet Spas

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Our animals aren't just pets. They're a part of the family! They're cherished hairy children, and we take their needs very seriously. Our desire to give them the very best has led to some interesting concepts like doggy spas, yoga centers, and on, and on (and on). Sometimes it all seems like a trendy scam to make money off of painfully-rich pet parents but ideas like animal massage are actually worth a look. And you can even do it at home. For FREE!


The roots of animal massage can be traced back to Jack Meagher. He started out as a massage therapist for the U.S. Equestrian Team, but then he transferred his skills to horses and developed equine massage. His technique gained a lot of popularity and people soon began to adapt the approach for cats and dogs. Since then, the popularity of animal massage and alternative therapies have soared, and courses, associations, and schools have become completely devoted to alternative approaches and holistic care.


At its simplest, regular touch gives us the advantage of finding abnormalities like swelling, pain, and peculiar growths. Early detection keeps problems from festering and growing worse, so that regular massage can save our pets from pain while saving us time and money.

Body Function

Animal massage isn't just fancy pampering from doggie spas. It offers a lot of potential therapeutic benefits. We all know deep tissue work offers humans health advantages, but animals benefit from massage too. Kneading muscle will increase circulation which will help flush nasty toxins out of their body, and it can also relieve tension and improve flexibility and muscle tone. This is especially helpful to our domesticated friends with tight muscles from being stuck at home, and active dogs will appreciate your handiwork too.


Even dogs in tip-top shape stand to prosper from massage. Canines are pack animals that thrive on interaction, so massage gives them the touch and attention they crave. It offers a great bonding experience for both pet and owner, and you're sure to get a good laugh at their massage-induced coma. Our other sociable pets can revel in the bliss of a rubdown too. But wait to try it out on the cat until she's through her mood swing!

More Than A Trend

These days, you can slip into an online class in animal medical massage just as easily as you can sign up for a pet massage workshop. Science is starting to back the health benefits of throwing a little tissue work into petting but, at the very least, it gives you and your beloved some oxytocin-boosting bonding time. Give it a try with these four easy massage techniques and see what it can do for you and your pet. If you still can't figure it out, get tips from the best in the business; cats.