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KILLING is NOT conservation

In 2008, the USA went into recession forcing the rest of the worlds economies to crash.

Wall street, Goldman Sachs and its bankers crippled America and the rest of the world.

Greed and lust for money became the downfall, hundreds of CEO's from all over america were hardly held accountable and good people with small savings and jobs were lost, people lost homes and many of those homes went into foreclosure.

These same CEOS are now also involved in taking natural resources from all over the world in the form of a wildlife trophy.

The environment now, not the economy is suffering and it hardly gets a mention on mainstream media.

Eco systems not banking systems are folding because of the strain of rich stereotypical men and women with guns and bow and arrows with one thing on their minds to kill wild animals and have their heads or rugs hung on trophy room walls in their homes.

The Safari Club International held its yearly conference in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on February 3-6 attracting over 20,000 visitors hell bent on purchasing a killer package from the many outfitters from all over the world that maned the stalls within the exhibit.

Many stuffed animals from all different continents were on show and the desire to hunt and kill a lion, giraffe, bear, elephant reached fever point.

Once king of their land reduced to stuffed trophiesmartyn stewart

Once king of their land reduced to stuffed trophies | martyn stewart

I went undercover to mingle and laugh with the hunters and outfitters. I had to become one of them so that i could try to find out what made them tick and think the way they did...

You have to sleep with the enemy, keep them close to your chest so to speak, then they open up to you and you become them for the duration.

Wine, Gin and tonics were plentiful as you socialized with bankers, CEOS and those who just loved to kill.

Laughter and disrespect was shown at the many video screens displaying animals being gunned down, "look at that motherfucker fall like a sack of shit" said one person as a giraffe was gunned down at near point blank range.

One outfitter bragged how he could sell a package to me that included a giraffe a lion and an elephant for $85,000. "It's a special price we are holding from 2015, we will look after you, dine you in our luxury lodge, you can choose your wine that will go with your kill, you can even bring a non hunter too!

I could also pop down to Mexico and shoot over 400 birds a day while looking for endangered sheep to hunt!

I could kill Lions, Cheetahs, elephants, Rhino, Giraffe, wolf, bear, buffalo, Crocodile, countless birds and the so called low life animals like fox, jackal, deer and sheep.. Nothing was off the list.

Rhino horn special, even though the species are hanging on to life!Martyn Stewart

Rhino horn special, even though the species are hanging on to life! | Martyn Stewart

One outfitter from South Africa told me he would throw in some "Cafers" (South Africa term for blacks) I laughed and prompted him to say that the slanty eyed Asians are fuckin up his country and he needed to capitalize on HIS resources, sell them off first before those fuckers got em all.

Fur coats hung off clothing rails, fox, mink, angora, coyote, wolf.... Bear, otter, badger, beaver, all the skins from thousands of animals lined the exhibition floor.

Wolf fur with feet attached
Martyn Stewart

Martyn Stewart

Skinny women with their breasts showing in camo gear clung onto rich sugar daddy types and men and women walked around in Elk and mink coats dripping in diamonds and gold chains.

There is no way everyday Joe could compete with the wealth and hunting packages on show here, It was positively sickening.

On the Friday evening, i attended the main auction, the auction that included the selling off of animals lives under the auctioneers hammer. The first item on the agenda was a bear hunt in Alaska.

5k turned to 15k then quickly up to 20k, then 50k, 60k, 80k and finally ended with the winner bidding 90,000 USD... I was gobsmacked, after 5 items offered in the space of 30 minutes, over $200,000 was raised to kill animals in the USA, Africa and Asia.
I left the room with a sick feeling in my stomach, On my return i learnt that over 100 million dollars had been raised to kill animals for fun....

My purpose of this visit was to tell the world on Social Media what actually happens on the inside, learn their way of life and fight them at their game.

The pillaging of the worlds animals for sport is nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen, many animals in Africa are standing on the precipice of extinction like the rhino, elephant, lion.

The environment cannot sustain this onslaught for much longer.

My life is insignificant if i cannot be amongst its animals and fauna, they are free for all of us to enjoy but there is always some rich outfitter or profit monger that will find a way of making themselves rich from these beautiful resources.

Less than 2% of money collected from these hunting safaris goes back into the places where these animals are taken from.. yet the safari club and its members will use an old rehearsed soundbyte that states they do more for conservation than anyone else!

How do you kill an endangered Rhino to protect it?

This guy was proud to wear his "bleached elk" coat and would sever anyones throat should they spray green paint on itMartyn

This guy was proud to wear his "bleached elk" coat and would sever anyones throat should they spray green paint on it | Martyn

My life has been threatened many times and indeed, twice since my return from Vegas from anonymous Facebook users.

This tells me i hit a nerve, wildlife trafficking, hunting for big game is second only to the drug trade.

There are hardly any resources being used at government level to combat the fight and this is where we ALL come in.

We are the government, we the people elect officials to represent us.

Politicians will walk around kissing babies to get your vote, how about insisting they stop trophy hunting and killing for sport? The planets wildlife is to appreciate and our public lands should not be used to hunt on.

We have a very serious problem on our hands and we are growing over 7 billion people on the Earth.

Once upon a time i thought i could say that my own daughter would appreciate what i have seen and leave a lot for her to experience but in 50 years we have lost thousands of species.

My grandkid will not grow up with the rhino and will hear many of my natural sounds in museums by pressing a button.

Please follow me on my Facebook page, we can become the media of awareness.

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The networks are only concerned in the Trumps and the Clintons right now.

What we have going on with the pillaging of animals from the bankers and the CEOS makes Clinton's Benghazi emails look like sesame street.