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Our 5 Best #MuttBreeds (Including The Ukihound Whipterdo)

We've spent the past week celebrating the Every Dog, and now it's time to announce our favorite #MuttBreeds submissions. The contest might be over, but it's never too late to share photos and stories of the mutt (or mutts!) in your life: join The Dodo and introduce the whole community to your unique breed.

For now, here are your five best #MuttBreeds. And we are officially logging these names into the official Dodo Registry of New Mutt Breeds. Congratulations!

A Long-Nosed Ball Retriever (from @julie_brigidi)

A Flying Aussiedoodle (from @kybook58)

A Romanian Couch Hound (from Jack Davis)

A Catahooligan (from Dodo Community Member schnicklefritz7)

An Ukihound Whipterdo (from Dodo Community Member Melani)