10 Pug Photobombs Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

End of summer blues got you down? Hit the reset button with the very finest pug photobombs that the Internet has to offer.

1. "Dapper sweater guy thinks he can upstage my photobomb? Hrmmph, I'll show him."


2. "Wait, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

(YouTube/The Pet Collective)

3. "I always get emotional at weddings. I just can't help myself."

(Hamilton Pug)

4. "You will be mine, bouncing rubber orb!"

(Chuba And Company)

5. "You should try CrossFit sometime, it's done wonders for my confidence."


6. "Sup dawg?"

(Facebook/Hug Pugs)

7. "What do you mean, my photobomb gets the seal of approval?"


8. "He's right behind me, isn't he?"


9. "You've got to drop that sandwich someday."


10. "Cat?!? What cat?"


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Travis Greenwood is a Portland-based writer and editor. He loves polo shirts but cringes when the top button is fastened. Tweeted musings at @LesSavyTrav.