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The 10 Most Chill Moments In Cat History

<p>Reddit: adammolens</p>

1. A quality chair makes every lounging experience complete.

(YouTube: shironekoshiro)

2. Ironically, you have to be cozy to be chill.

3. You cannot distract this master of box relaxation.

(YouTube: mugumogu)

4. After a long day, nothing helps you unwind quite like a bunch of smooches.

5. Blanket forts are comfy and cozy, but be aware that other might get jealous.

6. When you reach a true meditative state, nothing breaks your focus.

(YouTube: shironekshiro)

7. Don't be embarrassed if you start snoring - it only means that you're relaxing properly.

8. After you chew up that box, treat yourself by lounging in its remains.

9. A hammock is clearly the best place to get your deep-thinking and lazing done ...

(YouTube: Xiedubbel)

10. ... Unless, of course, you happen to have a bell pepper.

(YouTube: shironekoshiro)