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That Look

I'm not in Love, but I see Lovers in Love. They gaze at each other with doleful soulful eyes. Everyone knows of course that with humans this phenomenon passes with time and familiarity.

My dog, gives me that same doleful soulful look. The look is a pure drinking in of all that I am. Ive seen plenty of other dogs do it with their humans. The huge difference here, is that once they have learned this, they will never stop doing this to You to the very end.

Animals are not "more" important than humans...but can we all not look to the kind and soft lessons that our dogs teach us? When we treat them with Loving care and attention, they respond in like and more. Duh, right?

A soft look between friends, reaching out and touching someone feeling down and discouraged. Quiet support. Not answers, just plain and simple giving of kindness. Loyal support. The nuture between Mother and Child.

Animals have it right. My birds, my cats, my dogs and my horses are all THE SAME WAY. We humans forget. We are so distracted. We fail to connect in the simplest way possible.

Reach out, look someone in the eyes, and touch their heart quietly. Bask in the moment. It's a miracle.

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