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Test Events 10-13

The Capitol Loop is a state trunkline highway running through Lansing, Michigan, in the United States that was commissioned on October 13, 1989. It forms a loop route off Interstate 496 through downtown near the Michigan State Capitol complex, home of the state legislature and several state departments. The trunkline follows a series of one-way and two-way streets through downtown Lansing, directing traffic to the State Capitol (pictured) and other government buildings. Unlike the other streets downtown, the seven streets comprising the Capitol Loop are under state maintenance and jurisdiction.

The loop was originally proposed in 1986 as part of a downtown revitalization effort. Almost from the beginning the highway was affected by various controversies. Local community leaders suggested renaming the Capitol Loop for Martin Luther King, Jr., immediately before the state designated the highway. Reconstruction projects along the loop in 2004–05 were also contentious. In 2010, additional issues surfaced regarding the posting and enforcement of speed limits on city streets in Michigan, including the streets that make up the Capitol Loop.