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Terrible Traveler Abandons Her Cat At The Airport

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A woman who was told she couldn't board a plane with her cat in a carry on bag apparently decided she'd rather abandon him at the airport than miss her flight.

The terrible traveler showed up at Oslo's main airport ready to board a Norwegian Air flight from Norway to London, Norway's News In English reports. She had her cat in a carrying case and was planning on taking him aboard in the cabin with her.

Airline officials told her this wasn't allowed on international flights without making prior arrangements, turning her away at the counter. The staff grew suspicious when she reappeared just a little while later, sans cat.

When questioned by police at the airport, the woman apparently lied and said that a friend had come to pick up her kitty - but Norwegian Air staff went looking and found the cat hidden in a corner behind a pile of luggage, still in his carrying case.

Police charged the would-be-abandoner with animal cruelty, and her cat was taken to a rescue organization. Once he's up for adoption, he'll no doubt find a forever family who will treat him with the love and respect he deserves.

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