Reigning tennis champion Andy Murray recently proved his mettle extends far beyond the court. On Sunday, while driving from his home to a practice session on the eve of the Wimbledon tournament, Murray saw a dog running loose in traffic. 

Even though he could have easily continued on his way, he instead stepped in to help.

"There was a dog running along the road so I parked at traffic lights and got out and tried to stop the traffic, because the dog was running towards the oncoming cars. I stopped the traffic and managed to get the dog on the back seat of my car," says Murray.

"I drove to the place nearby where all the local people walk their pets, literally round the corner, and parked. I called the number on the tag ­and, amazingly, my two dogs walk with that dog quite a lot."

Thankfully, he was able to reunite the wayward dog with her the owner before continuing on his way.

"She was happy I had picked it up. It had obviously been chasing something because it was absolutely shattered," he said. "It was drooling everywhere in the car, panting, but thankfully it was safe."

Murray's kind gesture towards the canine isn't all that surprising to those who know him. In addition to being a tennis maverick, the 2013 Wimbledon champion is also an avid dog-lover -- so much so, in fact, that he even set up a Twitter account for his border terrier, Maggie.