High Schoolers Take Some Time To Make Shelter Dogs Feel Loved

Life as a shelter dog can get pretty lonely, so a group of teens in Sacramento, California, is helping make it a little bit easier.

At the Sacramento County Animal Care Center, a bunch of lucky dogs get the chance to spend time with animal-loving teenagers, who stop by to read books to the pups and make them feel a little more loved.

The teens are part of a group called the STAMP Teen Program. STAMP stands for Sacramento Teen/Animal Membership and was designed to help teens make a difference in the lives of shelter animals in Sacramento County.

The reading part of the program, called Pages For Pups, is meant to help calm the dogs in the chaotic shelter environment, and also to help them connect to people in a new way.

The program clearly benefits the teens as well, as they get to spend time with lovable dogs who give them their full, undivided attention.

Reading to shelter dogs in need seems to be the trend lately, and it's so wonderful to see kids and adults alike stepping up to make these pups feel loved.

You might think the last thing busy, social teens would want to do is volunteer their time to help animals in need, but these teens seem to be loving it.

Whether they're engaged in an intense reading session ...

... or taking a quick cuddle break ...

... these teens are clearly changing the lives of these pups.

A tiny act of kindness can go such a long way.