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Ted Nugent Lives Up To His 'World-Class Loser' Status

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Washed-up rocker and unabashed animal killer Ted Nugent is back in the news defending his title as "world class loser" - this time by gallivanting about with a group accused of poaching bears and stealing their genitals.

Nugent recently shared a photo of himself proudly posed with a bear reportedly killed with the help of Lawrence Dyer & Sons Outfitters, a Canada-based hunting business mired in legal trouble over poaching and animal part possession charges.

"At Lawrence Dyer & Sons in New Brunswick Canada," Nugent wrote on Facebook last month. "With Danny, Dave, Chris and Kim & team for THE best black bear camp anywhere! Rugsteaks [bear meat] are flowing baby!"

The musician-turned-hunting enthusiast's public support for the company comes at a rather troubling time. Earlier this year, operators Daniel, Christopher and Kimberly Dyer were charged with more than 60 counts of illegal hunting and possession of illegal animal parts, including baculum, part of a bear's penis.

Disturbing as the charges are, Lawrence Dyer & Sons is still permitted to operate pending a verdict, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Despite his continued bear hunting with the Dyers, Nugent is not named among the accused in this case - but he's still no stranger to charges stemming from his bloody pastime. In 2012, Nugent was banned from hunting in Alaska for one year after admitting to illegally killing and transporting black bears in the state.