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Protestors Stop Everything To Help A Dog Sprayed With Tear Gas

A photo capturing a legendary moment of kindness during a chaotic protest in Turkey has recently resurfaced.

The image, from the 2013 protests in Istanbul's Gezi Park, shows protestors stopping and kneeling down to help a dog who'd been sprayed with tear gas by police. When a Twitter user reposted the photo recently, it was retweeted hundreds of times.

And it isn't the only moment people stopped to help. Another image shows two girls sitting beside a stray dog suffering from pepper spray.

People were protesting because Gezi Park is one of the last green spaces in the metropolis - and the government wanted to build a shopping mall there. The violent police response to the protests was criticized all over the world.

As for the park the protestors risked their lives to protect? Two years later, it still hangs in the balance.