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Shelter Dog Gets A Very Special Friend To Keep Him Company

The dog staring back at you from behind the bars of a kennel isn't the same dog anyone once knew.

Shelter life wears on a dog.

We've seen it countless times. Dogs shut down getting cold, withdrawn, no longer their old selves.

Forgetting what it was like to be someone's dog - and to be loved.

But last week, a dog named Taz got a humble reminder of the dog he used to be. He refused to let it go for anything.

Minda Harris

"I gave him the toy and he played by himself for hours," Minda Harris, rescue coordinator at Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Texas, tells The Dodo.

Hours. By himself. Playing with a stuffed animal.

"He was just staring at me, looking bored. I felt so sorry for him," she explains. "He was so flipping happy."

Just imagine how long it may have been since anyone gave Taz a token of his days before the shelter.

Or how good it must have felt to have felt to play catch. Even if he ended up flinging the toy into the air by himself.

And then catching it by himself.

Yes, he's been here a long time.

"It made me sad for the hundreds inside that would be so comforted if they had one," Harris says.

Think you can help him with that? If offered a chance at a real home, we're pretty sure Taz would never let it go.

Get in touch with Montgomery County Animal Shelter through its website. Or if you're in Texas, consider visiting Taz at 8535 St Hwy 242, Conroe, TX 77385.

Bring a toy.

And if not Taz, consider throwing a lifeline to one of thousands of animals in shelters where the walls close in all too quickly. Visit Adopt-a-Pet.com.