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Take A Thrilling Ride Atop This Dog As He Rushes To Leap Into The Ocean

Walter the Labrador Retriever could NOT be more excited to take a swim in the waters off the coast of Sicily. And who can blame him?

He's so excited, that he wastes no time in getting down to the shore - sidewalks and trails are for chumps! And there's no stopping a champion diver like Walt.

His owner attached a GoPro to Walt to capture the delightful experience of rushing down to the beach and catapulting headfirst into the ocean ...

... ready, set, GO!

You can watch the climactic ocean jump from Walt's POV below:

(YouTube: sciu89)

Here's what Walt's race looks like to his fellow beach-goers:

(YouTube: Constantino Marotta)

Labs are notorious for loving water, so it's no wonder Walt feels right at home while swimming!