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Here's A Really Bright Idea For Keeping Horses Safe At Night

Here's an idea that might make you say "whoa."

Facebook/Tail Lights

Horses for millennia have been among humankind's most loyal and helpful companions, and their presence throughout history has been crucial to the rise of civilization.

So we owe it to them to keep them protected.

With that in mind, one equine-loving inventor has created an ingenious new device that brings horse safety into the 21st century. I'm talking about Tail Lights - a system to make horses more visible at night.

Facebook/Tail Lights

Riding horses in low light poses some obvious dangers, particularly in areas where they're forced to share the road with drivers who could become easily distracted. Sadly, for Tail Lights creator Sami Gros, it took a near-tragedy to inspire a solution.

"I was out riding my two horses with my best friend, and a car hit my friend and my horse. My friend was OK, but my horse suffered injuries that has made him unridable to this day," Gros told The Dodo. "I searched the internet for a product that would allow me to be seen for up to a half mile, and there was nothing out there. So I created one."

After years of research and development, Tail Lights was born, saving an untold number of horses and their riders from injury, or worse.

Recently, Gros unveiled an improved version of the LED-lit safety system, which she's hoping to bring to market soon. Watch the Tail Lights in action in the video below, and visit the product's Kickstarter page to learn how you can help make it a reality.