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Syrian Refugee Arrives To Safety Carrying The Most Precious Cargo

It's a long and perilous journey for the countless souls fleeing war-torn Syria in hopes of reaching the safer shores of lands afar - but for one such refugee, it was a journey he refused to make without a little creature who'd be lost without him.

Photos have emerged on social media showing the heartwarming moment a migrant landed on the island of Lesbos, Greece, cradling close to his chest a tiny kitten he couldn't leave behind. The man was traveling with few other possessions as he made his way across the Mediterranean Sea before reaching the shores of Europe, according to Greek news outlet Protothema .

Thankfully, both the man and his kitten, named Zaytouna (Arabic for "Olive"), were able to reach safety after their challenging trek - offering a heartening show of humanity and compassion in a situation wrought from so many hardships.

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