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Little Seal Proves He's Strong Enough To Return To The Ocean

"Elvis has left the building," the Taronga Conservation Societywrote on Wednesday - Elvis the long-nosed fur seal, that is.

Just under two weeks ago, the 18-month-old seal was found exhausted and hungry on a beach near Sydney, Australia, after rough storms battered the area. He was brought to the Taronga Zoo's wildlife hospital, where he was given medicine, fresh fish to eat and a chance to regain his strength.

And when veterinarians noticed the particular way he shuffled along the floor, they aptly named him Elvis, after the hip-swinging rock-and-roll legend.

"He was pretty feisty when he first arrived at the hospital, which was a good indicator that he'd be a suitable candidate for short-term care and release," Taronga's senior veterinarian, Larry Vogelnest, said in a statement.

And indeed he was. Just days later, Elvis was bouncing around the hospital. Rescuers realized that it would soon be time to bid him farewell.

On Wednesday, that moment finally came.

Elvis was put into a crate and onto a boat. People sailed with him out on the sparkling waters just off Sydney.

When they opened his crate, he sprang into action, shuffling toward the sea.

Facebook/Taronga Zoo

Without hesitation, Elvis dove right in, like the little rock star he so clearly is.

Facebook/Taronga Zoo

"He looked fantastic and alert in the water," Vogelnest said, "so we can only hope he grows up to be a big, healthy seal."

"Bye Elvis!" one commenter on Facebook wrote. "Good luck in the big wide ocean!"

Check out a video on another lovable seal below: