Swiss Village Rejects New Power Plant To Protect A Pair Of Birds

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Earlier this week, residents of the idyllic mountainside village of La Punt Chamues-ch in Switzerland were called upon by the local government to make tough decision: update their energy infrastructure by building a fancy new power plant, or call the whole thing off because it would bother a happy pair of bearded vultures.

In a debate ahead of the vote, environmentalists argued against the measure - that the proposed location of the plant was in a remote valley inhabited by the most prolific breeding pair of vultures in all of the Swiss Alps. Construction of the plant, they said, would disturb the birds romantic refuge and jeopardize their future breeding success.

Officials from the energy company pitched the new, more efficient plant as a way of driving down energy costs.

But in a 74 to 64 vote, villagers sided with the birds - citing the importance of preserving nature over paying a little less for electricity.