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Father And Son Were Out Fishing When Suddenly — Mountain Lions

"They weren't even intimidated by us at all."

Turns out, not all cats are afraid of getting their whiskers wet.

Kevin Alexander

On Sunday, Kevin Alexander and his son Blake learned just that. While out enjoying a day of fishing on Lake Shasta, in California, the pair came to the sudden realization they were not alone on the water (or necessarily at the top of the food chain).

As the pair looked on in amazement, two large mountain lions passed by their boat - close enough for Kevin to tell Blake to get back. Lucky for us, he still managed to capture video proof of the incredible encounter.

As humbling as it was for the father and son duo to come so close to those powerful big cats, the feeling apparently wasn't mutual.

"They weren't even intimidated by us at all," Kevin told the Sacramento Bee, adding: "To actually see a mountain lion in the water, it caught me by surprise. I just assumed that cats didn't like water. They seem very very comfortable, they were very very strong swimmers, they were moving a lot of ground really quickly."

Afterward, the mountain lions arrived at the opposite shore before disappearing into the forest - thus concluding what may be the biggest fish tale ever confirmed on camera.