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Swimmer Comes Face To Face With A Shark, Has The Perfect Reaction

For most folks, being approached by a large aquatic predator while swimming out at sea would probably send them into a panic. But then again, most folks aren't Dmitry Zhadan.

The Russian man was recently out enjoying a day on the water in the Maldives when he had a VERY close encounter with a large shark. His reaction? Pretty damn chill, and we'll soon learn why.

Here's a video taken by Zhadan's friend which shows the incident unfold.

Despite the initial confusion at the suddenness of the encounter - and the worried shouting from his friend looking on - Zhadan appears to quickly identify the animal as a nurse shark.

Though they may look imposing, growing up to 15 feet in length, the species is not known to pose any serious threat to humans. That's probably why Zhadan appears so at ease.

Naturally, the shark shows little interest in him.


It should be noted that some sharks can pose a danger to swimmers, but fears surrounding even these animals are largely overblown. The truth is, fatal attacks are actually exceedingly rare.